The Greek Odyssey - “good-for-nothing but ready for anything”

Panda Optics were thrilled to support a small group of French skiers on an amazing trip to Mount Parnasse in Greece, this unique and unknown area provided an some great skiing and stories from their 10 day adventure.


Day 1: March 11th

On Friday the 10th at 11pm, our bunch of boisterous lads leaves Bourg-Saint-Maurice for a trip which was about to last 20 hours between plane and car. As soon as we arrived in Athens we are welcome by Eric, whom will be our “Captain” for the whole trip. Still three and a half hours to drive between sea and mountain and we finally reach Galaxidi where La Belle Lurette is waiting for us. She is a beautiful wooded two-master schooner and will be our HQ for the days of travel to come. Unfortunately, tonight, the strong swell makes it impossible for us to sleep aboard. We put a good Pita away and knock a little glass of “Ouzo” back with Kostas our guidos locos and at last we are getting a well-deserved night of sleep in the comfy beds of the “Miramare” hotel.


Day 2: March 12th

Ready to conquer the world, we head off to Mount Parnassus, an hour trip from our floating house. From shorts to Gore-Tex, the contrast is startling. The landscapes are stunning, and as we reach the top a we are happily greeted by a meter of snow which covers the sweet Greek faces. The play-ground is incredible, fresh runs and untouched cliffs are waiting for us…