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we've got you covered

Panda Optics has built a reputation around providing snow goggle lenses for all condition, without buying extras. This is continued into the Conquer sports sunglasses.

Each set comes with 3 lenses;

- category 3 mirrored UV400+

- category 2 non-mirrored UV400+

- category 0 clear


Cove & Tide

The Cove and Tide lifestyle sunglasses feature a new and unique C-Hinge technology which provides that snap we all love in a new pair of sunglasses.

Don't you hate it when after a few months of wearing sunglasses, the hinges lose their "snap", they become loose and flap around. This happens to almost all sunglasses, cheap or expensive.
Thankfully flappy arms are now a thing of the past with the Panda C-Hinge.
The arm is constantly held under tension from the C shaped metal, this means they are not simply relying on screws to pivot around. 


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